The bulk of the co-curricular programme is implemented through Thursday Activities held every Thursday and SUPW sessions held every Wednesday. Apart from these, various on-and off-campus programmes include Night Camp, excursions and trips, and inter- and intra-school competitions. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through a ‘Student Council’ that is governed by a prefect body. During summer vacations, camps are organized with inputs from outside experts in several streams which include audio-visual workshops, dramatics, swimming, etc. To encourage and enthuse students, interactive sessions are conducted with visiting experts and celebrated artists, scientists, and thinkers throughout the year. We are also adopting Financial Literacy Programme that aims at fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial skills to link education to practical and contextual knowledge.

This year we provided a platform to students across our four schools to be a part of ‘Book Writing Project’. Auditions were held, students were shortlisted over a number of rounds and finally 27 stories unfolded. Now these are being published under the title, Cobalt Blue – suggested by one of our teachers. It is a masterstroke as the atomic number of the element Cobalt matches with the number of stories included in the book! What is an icing on the cake is that our students have illustrated these stories, too!

With the great success of the Takshila Value Series that started with Ashwath, and progressed with Arete and Avigat, we have introduced Ahsaas and Amizhdham, anthologies of Punjabi and Tamil poetry, respectively. These poems have been artfully collected and embellished from multiple sources to provide a glimpse into the rich heritage of the two regions.

With a view to reiterate values that make humankind divine, the current academic year has been dedicated to the theme, ‘It’s all about Respect’. We ardently believe in instilling a deep notion of respect for one and all amongst our students. We aspire for them to be sensitive and humane citizens. Our society rests on the concept of respect; respect not only for others but also for one’s own self. Self-respect, in turn, leads to self-discipline. Life & Thinking Skills at Delhi Public School, Pune has introduced Project ‘Le Bénévolat, where not only the students but also their parents actively participated and personify the philosophy of “Service before Self”. The school motto and the doctrine of the Ten Core Life Skills are thus exemplified through the dynamic participation of all for Le Bénévolat. . Students conduct volunteer work across various sections of society by selecting from any one of the given nine causes ; an orphanage , old age home, an organization for special needs , a cancer support center, Junior Red Cross Society, Blue Cross Society, development of slum area , educating street children, and an environmental cause.

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