One of the main objectives of education is to enlighten the minds of the pupils, with consciousness concerning the society, nation and humanity at large. Takshila Educational Society believes strongly in Corporate Social Responsibility. This aspect is manifested through several of its outreach activities which are carried out by DPS Pune to promote and sustain India's rich cultural heritage and folk art.

‘Le Bénévolat & SEWA - Life & Thinking Skills at Delhi Public School, Pune introduced Project ‘Le Bénévolat’, where not only the students but also their parents actively participate and personify the philosophy of “Service before Self”. Students conduct volunteer work across various sections of society by selecting from any one of the given nine causes; an orphanage, old age home, an organization for special needs, a cancer support center, Junior Red Cross Society, Blue Cross Society, development of slum area, educating street children, and an environmental cause. This project is now conducted under the guidelines of the CBSE - SEWA project.

Weather Station- The School weather station has been upgraded lately by India Meteorological Department (IMD) .They have installed Automated Weather Station (AWS )in DPS Pune campus .It records Temperature and Humidity, Wind speed and direction and  precipitation. The received raw data is decoded in real time and engineering values of meteorological parameters are retrieved, disseminated and archived. A GPRS based receiving Server has also been established at IMD Pune to receive AWS with GPRS based communication at an interval of 15 minutes or even 1 minute interval. The AWS/ARG received data are being processed and disseminated to IMD Delhi and also to AWS website in real time.

The paper recycling plant set up in the campus has raised the students that can be proudly called ‘eco-citizens’. The students have also set up bird houses stocked with food role modelling as the vanguard of ecological sustainability.


The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth is known for its endeavours in motivating the youth to imbibe the values inherent in our culture through various art forms. Takshila Educational Society has been associated with SPIC MACAY right from its inception as both establishments share the same vision. DPS, Pune has conducted a National School Intensive for seven days in school premises for about 350 students from 80 schools and the students were exposed to the very best of Indian heritage with maestros like Pt. BirjuMaharaj, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pts. Rajan and Sajan Mishra, Prof. T N Krishnan, Vidwan T N Seshagopalan and many more. Moreover, in the current year 2023, a two-day convention was held and attended by two hundred students. It was a golden opportunity for the students to interact with renowned artistes like Pandita Shama Bhate, Shri Abhiram Bhadkamkar,  Pravin Mhase, Mrs. Ambika Devi, Dr. Ruchira Kedar, Maestro Ustad Shahid Pervez, Ganesh Tanawade, Dr.Ruchira and many others.

The Self-Learning Camp is one of the most awaited 5 days for the students of Class XI. DPS Pune collaborates with Inme for the camp, which is founded by the alumni of XLRI and INSEAD who are pioneers in organizing outdoor education in India. They organize camps across locations in India for children in the age group of 9 to 17 years and work with leading schools throughout the year. This kind of outbound programme complement classroom education with learning delivered through high energy adventure experiences. The aim of the camp is to encourage young children to explore the world of outdoor sports and find activities they like best while simultaneously building and affirming their leadership qualities.

Read programme : It is an initiative by Takshila wherein the children are recommended a collection of books for the year so that they enjoy reading. In an attempt to give wings to the imagination of our students, Read Programme serves just the right platform. This programme is designed for classes Nursery to XII.  Students of classes IX-XII are given a book menu to choose three books of their choice. Thus, it is our endeavor to bring books in the hands of children 'with' pleasure and 'for' pleasure. It is an activity where every week, all the school activities in the school campus come to a stand still and all are engrossed in silent reading, even the visitors in school are provided with reading material. To inculcate reading habit, book fairs, reading quizzes and many other literary competitions are held regularly.

Jarma Wellness - Our school conscientiously pays attention to all the dimensions of a child’s health (Mental and Physical Well Being) through a combination of counselling, testing and interventions. We have collaborated with ‘Jarma Wellness’, a leading private sector organization working in School Health. We guarantee to develop and inculcate positive health behaviour and attitude amongst our students.

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