Investiture Ceremony

On 3 August 2023., Delhi Public School, Pune, witnessed one of its much-awaited events-The Investiture Ceremony. to  The event took place at the school quadrangle, where the entire school community, including students, teachers, staff, and parents gathered to witness this momentous occasion. The event commenced with an enchanting symphony, resonating the spirit of unity and hope, and a warm welcome by Alia Chauhan of class XII A. Shriya Thittai and Kartik Alaguraja shared inspiring insights and emphasized the importance of leadership in their speech thereafter.

Following the speeches, a regimental march past was displayed by the students of distinction. It was a breathtaking display of discipline, coordination, and pride as the student council members, along with representatives from various grades, marched in perfect synchrony.

Soon, the crowning moment of the event unfolded as the Principal, Mrs. Amita Singh, graced the aspiring leaders with badges of honour and sashes. The ceremony continued as the departing prefects, handed over the hallowed flag to the Principal who in turn passed the baton of honour, carrying the imprints of dedication and valour to the newly appointed prefectorial body. In a solemn rite of passage, the newly appointed leaders stepped forward, to undertake the sacred oath. With hands on hearts and heads held high, they pledged fidelity to the ideals of the institution and vowed to foster an era of integrity, compassion, and unity.

In a heart-warming gesture of commendation, the Head of School, graced the stage once again, encouraging the fledgling leaders to soar beyond their wildest dreams. In her speech, the principal emphasized the significance of leadership and the vital role the student council plays in promoting the school's values and maintaining a positive school culture. She upheld the metaphor of a butterfly to expound trials and changes that can shape the personalities of these young leaders. In a touching gesture of gratitude and appreciation, she also acknowledged the outgoing student council members for their exceptional dedication and contributions during their tenure.

Thus with emboldened spirits the Student Council embarked on their journey to illuminate the school campus with knowledge, compassion, and the unwavering resolve to make a difference.

Added on: 03 Aug 2023

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