“A child’s play is not simply a reproduction of what he has experienced but a creative reworking of the impressions he has acquired. “

Presentations play an important role in harnessing the hidden abilities of the children as it helps in building up the confidence and self-appraisal of the young learner. It not only gives a platform to children to display their talents but also briefs parents about the methodology and the fraction of the syllabus adopted by teachers in the school during that particular month. The awaited presentation commenced with the welcome speech by the school Principal Mrs. Neelam Chakrabarty who began with a warm welcome note addressing the parents and the grandparents. She acknowledged the parents for their unprecedented cooperation and encouraged them to continue to be extensively participative in their children’s activities to complement teacher’s efforts in the children’s development. The students of Class II briefed the parents about the significance of the yearly theme ‘Gandhi’. They looked vivacious and confident wearing a splendid cute smile.

The children spoke about the various activities like going to the Jimmy Jolley Park, Kitchen Garden Activity, and Show and Tell Activity. Children also talked about the Annual Theme of the Year 2017 - 18 and sang the song "Sacchai ka lekar Shastra, Aur Ahinmsa ka le Astra" and also presented a Puppet show on the song “De di humein azadi “which was well appreciated by parents.

Donning a chef’s cap and an apron, a set of children explained the concept of ‘Cooking without Fire’ activities.

At the end, the parents were thrilled to witness the astounding piece of our students’ talent through a finale song “It’s the world of laughter”, “I love you, You love me”. The commendable performances would not have been possible without the praiseworthy help and co-ordination of the Music department.

The parents of Prep not only got a glimpse into the academic world of children but also were able to cheer and enjoy their talent. The equally enthusiastic parents had a great time looking at their children’s antics. They left the campus feeling happy and proud after witnessing the effort of their little ones.


A Teacher should inspire a child to reach academic success; A Parent should inspire their child to use that success in a way that influences Positive change in the world.'

Added on: 29 Aug 2017

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