Takshila Education Society has always been a pioneer in promoting awareness amongst its youth regarding social causes. In consideration of this, a workshop and exhibition ‘Anne Frank – A History for Today’ was organized at the Delhi Public School, Pune campus for teacher volunteers on Saturday 24th June 2017. The facilitators from Peace Works – an initiative of The Seagull Foundation visited our school to conduct, ‘Learning to Live with Difference’ workshop. They imparted the concept of Human Rights using the story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust as a source.

A peer guide training workshop for students of classes IX to XII was organized on 25th June, 2017. The peer guides gathered in a circle for a discussion on the life of Anne Frank and how they would relate to her life. The facilitators then took the discussion to the present day of social exclusion faced by maids, HIV patients, the differently abled and other disadvantaged sections of the society.

An exceptional exhibition on ‘Anne Frank for students was organized on 26th June, 2017 which was inaugurated by Mrs. Leela Gour Broome. This remarkable exhibition commemorated Jewish struggle and forbearance. The three day interaction with the facilitators was very productive as it created awareness amongst the teachers, students and parents about Human Rights and the need to live with the differences in society.

The teachers, students and parents were encouraged to bring forward their ideas on how to ensure that every citizen is given his/her rights, how they will fight injustice/discrimination and, most importantly, learn to live and let live in peace and harmony.

Added on: 24 Jun 2017

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