With an aim of stimulating the students’ imagination and enhancing their social skills the students of Nursery to Class I of Delhi Public School, Pune celebrated ‘Helping Hands’ activity in the school premises with great pomp and show on 14 September, 2023. The celebrations began with a special morning assembly conducted by children that included nursery rhymes and a small enactment on the importance of community helpers. The splendid display of colorful posters, banners, and cutouts of various community helpers along with kiosks of a clinic, medical shop, a boutique, a parlor, a grocery shop, and a gardener added elements of reality to the celebrations.

There was an array of activities conducted by all the classes from Nursery to Class I. Nursery students made Scarecrow Puppets, ‘Thank you’ craft items and outdoors they played ‘Follow my leader’ where the class was divided into groups and each group had a leader and the tiny tots, with instructions from their teachers, followed their leaders by doing different actions like marching, wriggling, hopping, walking like a chicken etc. Preparatory students coloured and pasted the cut outs of firefighters and made a list of all the emergency numbers. They also enjoyed playing the Community Helper dumb charade game with their teachers. Students of Class I enjoyed doing the ‘Little Chef’ craft and ‘My Community’ craft. The activity taught the students to understand and value the contribution of every community helper and treat them respect.

Added on: 14 Sep 2023

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