The Artful Teacher Workshop Programme

Artful teachers ensure active participation, connecting theory with practice meaningfully in the classroom. The first year of the program focused on "The Teacher Self," while the second year emphasized "The Teacher in the Classroom."

From June 4-7, 2024, a workshop at Delhi Public School, Pune, facilitated by Ms. Timira, involved a group of selected teachers. Artful programme believes in the transformative power of multi-sensorial learning, emphasizing engaging multiple senses simultaneously. This enhances the educational experience making learning accessible, engaging and memorable.

Activities included creative practices, action games, music and dance to explore personal growth and empathy.  Most of these games and activities were techniques to break biases and foster creativity.

There were a plethora of activities to encourage leadership and inclusion. Personal creative practices were discussed, emphasizing collaboration and play. Storytelling sessions enriched participants' understanding of emotional intelligence and creative teaching.

The programme reinforced the value of engaging students and incorporating creativity and artistic elements into education, preparing teachers to foster a dynamic learning environment.

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