On the 75th Republic Day, 26th January, 2024, the premises of Delhi Public School, Pune were filled with vibrant colours of patriotic ardour. The precincts of the school, decorated with the tricolour bore testimony of the zest of the day. The pathways, corridors, and plaza decorated with pictures of our national heroes, slogans, and flowers enthralled everyone. The flag was unfurled by our school Principal, Ms. Amita Singh, followed by the national anthem sung in a rhythmic cadence. In her eloquent address, the Principal encouraged the students to spread their wings of growth and development and at the same time stay rooted to our cultural heritage. She also emphasized their duties as young citizens at home, school, and in the community. HARMONY- A presentation of pyramids, Lezim, and Hoopla followed next. The patriotic songs and poems presented by the service staff infused the assembly with patriotic fervour. A skit by the Theatre club students apprised everyone about the significance of this day. The program culminated with a classical dance performance by the dance club students.

The week-long preparations across the school were a precursor for the grand celebrations of the Republic Day. Right from Nursery to Class XII students were involved in activities like tri-colour puppet making, badge making, class decorations, slogan writing to usher in the day to commemorate the birth of the sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic that India stands for.

Added on: 26 Jan 2024

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