On October 5, 2023 the students and educators of DPS Pune had the proud privilege to welcome Mr Subodh Kerkar, an artist, who through, his remarkable creations, has woven stories, summoned emotions, and provoked thought in the minds of countless individuals. He is the Founding Director of the Museum of Goa, holds the Mario Miranda Chair for Arts at Goa University, and has exhibited, lectured, and presented widely in galleries and museums nationally and internationally.

Mr Kerkar addressed the students of class XI, XII and around 30 budding artists from classes VI to X. In his mesmerising words and innovative approach to art Mr Kerkar remoulded the students approach towards art as mere a subject and reiterated that art is a commentary on contemporary experience, often addressing social and cultural issues such as environmental conservation, heritage preservation, and sustainable living. Mr. Subodh Kerkar  emphasised that a piece of art can be created by any form of material irrespective of its nature a varied range of media (fibreglass, wood, recycled tyres, discarded plastic water bottles, stone, metal, old wooden fishing boats, etc.)


Mr Subodh showed the breath taking collection of his series, named as ‘Sand and light’. In this collection he used light as a medium to create art. From metal, fiberglass and other materials, these art pieces truly make a space stand out.

The art session yielded a successful integration of painting and drawing within an installation framework, effectively conveying the intended emotional and conceptual messages. The collaborative process allowed for the exploration of diverse artistic techniques and perspectives, fostering creativity and artistic growth among participants.

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