Each season, whether it is spring, summer, monsoon, autumn or winter, brings its unique beauty and fascinates all human beings. Delhi Public School Pune goes an extra mile to ignite the curiosity of their young students’ towards the miracle of changing seasons and the science behind this natural cycle. The major activity for the month of July –‘Seasons Delight’ was a gateway to their learning. It was organized for the classes Preparatory and I.

Children came in colorful attire on the day of the event. The quadrangle was beautifully decorated with different kiosks related to the food we eat during different seasons, clothes we wear and things used during this season. Children enjoyed exploring these areas and enhancing their learning. The event began with a warm welcome and morning assembly in the Multi-purpose hall hosted by the students of class I. Through the assembly the students learnt the importance of various seasons.

The Preparatory students enjoyed various indoor and outdoor activities such as Circle Time, Role Play of various seasons, Cloud Craft, Leaf Animal Art, Seasons Dance, Musical Seasons, Snakes and Worms. The Follow Up activity was Four Seasons Umbrella in which the children used their creativity to draw and represent the 4 major seasons along with related pictures in the form of an umbrella. The Activities for Class I were equally creative and exciting. Circle Time, Four Seasons Wheel, Season’s Tray and Cooking Activity gave the students a flavour of the various seasons.

Added on: 28 Jul 2023

Published by: School Admin